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Experts in all types of protection plans

Comprehensive cover for complete peace of mind

Quite often you hear ‘it’ll never happen to me’ or ‘I’ll get it sorted out later’ but there’s probably not going to be a better time than now. The old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” sums it up pretty well. We are an advice led firm and subscribe to the view that, having assisted with the mortgage advance being made available to you, we have an obligation to ensure that it is affordable and that you have the means with which to maintain affordability no matter what bumps in the road might come your way.

There are many types of protection policies to choose from, but finding the one that provides adequate cover is not as easy as it may seem, especially if you’re seeking complete peace of mind. Whether you’re simply looking to protect your valuable assets or find a protection policy that pays out regular income in the event of illness, redundancy or anything else that prevents you from being able to earn, we can help you find the policy that most suitable for your requirements, and advise you honestly and fairly.

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Experts in all types of protection plans

As one of the UK’s leading mortgage and protection advisors, we’re highly trained and experienced in developing financial protection strategies, ensuring clients are equipped with dependable, tailored financial advice. We’re focused on helping our clients acquire the most comprehensive, competitive cover, whilst we can advise on any of the following:

Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau is regularly helping customers throughout the UK find the right level of protection for their needs. Our aim is to help our clients establish the most suitable level of protection whilst our advisers will help you protect those who depend upon you against the most serious risks that you face, specifically to your life and your health. We know that your family’s needs will change over time, as will your employment and financial situations, but we’re on hand every step of the way, ensuring you cover the people, assets and finances that matter most.

You can learn more about each of the types of protection on our website, but if you’re unsure on the kind of policy you need, or need some further information on how we can find your ideal policy at the right price, please call our dependable team today on 0330 094 5476 . We’d be more than happy to book a face-to-face meeting to run through your needs in more detail, and feel free to bring one or a few family members along to ensure all queries are answered.

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