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To assist your Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau adviser, establish whether we are able to assist you further, it will be appropriate for us to undertake due diligence to ensure that the appropriate advice is given. Accordingly, it would be important for us to understand the detail contained within your credit file. This is to ensure that we are able to confidently identify a lender best suited to your credit profile.

Below is a link to a Credit Reference Agency you may be familiar with, Checkmyfile. They are able to deliver a credit report collected from four main agencies utilised in the mortgage industry. Namely, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Crediva. However, before clicking the link, please take notice of the following: DOWNLOAD YOUR CREDIT REPORT

  • By clicking the link, you will need to register your details with Checkmyfile and enter into a free 30-day trial period.  This will allow enough time for you to register your information and download your report.  You are free to cancel this trial period at any time during the 30-day free trial period without penalty.  Should you fail or choose not to do so, Checkmyfile will charge you a subscription fee of £14.99 per month thereafter.
  • To get the best from this service, please ensure you register all of your primary and/or associated addresses within the last 6 years. 
  • Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau will receive a payment of £12 per free trial entered into via the link to Checkmyfile’s website.  This is payable whether you cancel the trial period or not. 
  • Any information contained in the report from Checkmyfile is for the sole use of Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau in the assessment of identifying suitable/appropriate lenders based upon your credit profile.  It should be noted that lenders will not be assessing the report produced from Checkmyfile and will undertake their own research and assessment.

* By clicking the link you’re departing from the regulatory website of Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau.  Neither Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau nor Quilter Financial Planning is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within their site.   Details of how to unsubscribe or cancel this service, is available directly from the Checkmyfile website under their T&C’s which states “If you wish to cancel your subscription, please log in and send us a Secure Message at any time, email us, or call us on our Freephone telephone number 0800 086 9360 during normal office hours. In all cases we will provide you with a cancellation reference code in confirmation.”


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