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Covid-19 - Working with Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau and your Advisor.

A couple of month ago we were saying this

“In view of the Covid-19 restrictions currently in force, we are no longer able to offer face to face appointments until such time as the lockdown ends and it is safe to do so once more. We realise this can be inconvenient but in the interests of protecting you, our advisers and in obeying government guidelines, we must comply by temporarily removing the face to face option.

We are of course able to continue providing a very effective service to you via telephone, email, electronic signatures and if available Skype or other web-based audio-visual methods. We are providing our full range of advice, loan and life cover arrangements with no impact to our normal service levels.”

As we all know, in most parts of the country, businesses are starting are get back to normal and for us that means face to face meetings are back, assuming you want them.

We are now operating an “It is up to you and your adviser” policy, subject of course to any local lockdown that may be in force at the time. If you or your adviser feel a face to face would be beneficial and you both agree, we are happy for you to do so. We suspect that for many of you, and many advisers, email, telephone, and video meetings, which have proven to be very effective over the last few months is now the default position and here to stay. Face to face may suit some people better but we suspect it may never be the pre-eminent way of doing business again. You have the option, please ask if that is your preference.

Roger Lane

CEO: Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau

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