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Your Business with CDMB

We are a National award-winning mortgage and protection advisory business, capturing the Best New Entrant Category at the Mortgage Introducer awards in November 2018. We have had an adviser finalist in the 2019 MI Awards in the best broker category. We were also short listed, top six, for the Best UK Broker award for Protection, in the 2020 Mortgage Strategy Awards. Are we different? We certainly value quality over quantity, perhaps that’s our USP, although we do like quantity as well.

We only offer self-employed contracts which are fair and competitive, easy to understand and honest. You work with us because you want to and you like it, not because your contract stops you from leaving, no smoke and mirrors. Use our supportive umbrella to build your business for life.

Contract Highlights

Pay and Rations

  • No Networks fees to pay, in fact no fees to pay at all, we cover it all. Sourcing, factfinding, report writing and CRM software costs, everything. All you must do to receive this huge benefit is achieve minimum production targets.
  • Tiered contracts, the more you do, the more you get.
  • A negotiable top-level contract.
  • Very low-cost leads and only when you convert them to business.
  • Monthly pay.
  • Payments for conveyancing, surveys, Wills and LPA’s, all referred.


  • Our own website is our main source of high-quality leads.
  • We have external sources when needed.
  • You only pay for leads you convert to business, by a nominal procuration fee reduction, everything else full rate.


  • We do not seek client ownership.
  • If you were to move on, your clients go with you, all of them.

We treat you as a business owner

  • We do not micromanage your working life. You are not employed so it would be inappropriate.
  • There are standards to maintain and as a regulated adviser you know the regulatory environment is exacting and our standards are high.
  • We are an advisory business where you have time to cater properly for your client’s needs.
  • Trading styles are acceptable.
  • You are not tied in by a difficult contract with long notice periods. If you want to move on, 1 months’ notice is all that is required.
  • Not that many do move one, fifty plus advisers have been with us for more than one year and if we count the previous general brokerage years, some have up to fourteen years’ service.

The Environment

  • We are an appointed representative of one of the strongest and largest UK Networks and have been for a long time. Quite purposefully, we want to concentrate on growth and good business, not FCA minutiae, the network takes care of that.
  • We are representative whole of market with over 100 lenders on panel.
  • An insurance panel of 15 different providers including all the usual suspects.
  • A strong, later life lending panel.
  • Good quality software environment that supports what you do, with all you would expect.
  • Integrated sourcing systems including Knowledge Bank.
  • Your own CDMB Email service FOC.
  • Business cards, FOC at outset.
  • Your own adviser page on our website FOC.
  • Our own conveyancing panel managed to SLA’s
  • All documentation online and immediately available.
  • Support for social media.
  • We have access to plenty of exclusives through our network Quilter Financial Planning.
  • A broad range of quality specialist lenders on the panel.

Your Colleagues

  • We have advisers in England, Scotland, and Wales. We provide a supportive environment so you to feel part of something.
  • An online adviser portal where you can share experiences and seek advice from other CDMB advisers.
  • WhatsApp groups.
  • A ‘Ladies who Lend’ Club.
  • Weekly and monthly business roundups and newsletters.
  • Regional managers, whose job is to support you and help you.
  • A very experienced Director team who are on call for you.

Our Head Office is in Chelmsford, Essex and you may use it for client interviews if you wish FOC.

We can deal with any mortgage genre from FTB through to Adverse Credit, including IVA, Discharged Bankrupts, and those in Debt Management Plans, to name but a few. We also see later life lending as a key and growing market and are active in it.

We offer a continual training programme and run workshops and training courses throughout the year, which can be in-house, or provider/lender led, and these are free to attend. Most recently Webinar based.

Work with us if you want control of your working life.

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