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Our advisers have over 50 years combined experience

About us

Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau covers the mortgage market, offering dependable, tailored advice for clients throughout the UK. From delivering face-to-face advice, searching thousands of mortgage products and negotiating the most suitable deals for you, we’ve developed a solid reputation as a leading, nationwide mortgage advisor. Each of our highly trained, experienced and friendly advisors share and adhere to our company standards, training and compliance requirements, as well as our client promise.

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Our client promise – for total peace of mind

We aim to continue progressing as leaders in our field and we welcome feedback on our services and advisers to help us improve. We will always put your interests first, so if you’re able to get a better deal by going directly to a lender, we’ll tell you. We love nothing more than helping people fulfill their long-held goals. Whether you’re eager to buy your first home, climb the property ladder, make a success of a buy to let (BTL) investment, assess bad credit mortgage options or secure the right level of protection for your family, we’ll provide honest advice to make the mortgage process less stressful. We stand by real people, not faceless banks or building societies, and our friendly team will always:

  • Try to be helpful, clear, courteous, prompt and easy to deal with.
  • Get to know you and your aims. Before any recommendations, your Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau adviser will carry out a thorough fact find to ensure that any advice provided, and solutions proposed are tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Do everything possible to ensure that all our clients receive high quality financial advice, and where suited, the most appropriate products to meet their specific needs.
  • Explain all charges and fees. In line with the requirements of our regulator, The Financial Conduct Authority, we will provide full illustrations and disclosure prior to any product implementation.
  • Arrange to keep in regular contact throughout the lifetime of the mortgage especially as it approaches the end of its initial benefit period. Our review meetings aim to ensure that any changes in clients’ circumstances, aims and any changes in the marketplace, can be considered on an ongoing basis.
  • Protect your data and only use it to provide our services. We do not and will not sell any client data to any other company or third party.

Our advisers have over 50 years combined experience

We’ve developed strong, proactive relationships with countless customers throughout the UK, with many of them going on to introduce family and friends who also get to share in our experience and obtain the outcome they deserve. There are of course certain situations that make it more difficult to obtain a mortgage, but it’s very rare that it’s “impossible”. We have developed long-standing relationships with specialist lenders who look beyond bad credit scores, CCJs and defaults to review personal and financial circumstances with a sympathetic approach. By combining our knowledge with the latest technology, we work quickly and efficiently to help individuals in all manner of situations, deciphering the mortgage jargon to relieve the headache of finding the right deal.

Arrange an initial face to face or telephone mortgage consultation without cost or obligation today.

Fee Charging

As a mortgage and protection advisory business, fielding qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of lending criteria, from mainstream to specialists, and an extensive provider panel of insurance products, we have a considerable skillset to bring into play when advising you. Often a Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau mortgage adviser will save you money, even when considering that in most instances we charge a fee for our advice.

Our fee range is £495 to a maximum amount of 2% of the loan. The higher end of the fee scale is normally reserved for more complex cases or development finance, although sometimes it transpires that this percentage is more mathematical and may represent the percentage being charged for smaller loan sizes to attain our minimum fee. Averaging across the UK our fees equate to circa £450 - £650 per case however this is at your advisor’s discretion. With Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau you don't pay for research, you pay for success and for ongoing service. We value you as a customer and hope to be able to continue to offer you regular reviews and support as your needs change over time.

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